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Contributors’ Guidelines

AdventureBC is dedicated to covering the people, outdoor sports and activities, related adventure/ecotourism businesses, and product & gear reviews. Although our features are usually assigned to a regular stable of experienced and proven writers, we’re always interested in new authors and their ideas. In particular, we look for articles on outdoor events and activities; informative seasonal service pieces; sports and adventure travel pieces; profiles of engaging outdoor characters; and investigative stories on outdoor adventure and environmental issues.

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Queries should present a clear, original, and provocative thesis, not merely a topic or idea, and should reflect familiarity with the magazine’s content and tone. Features are generally 800 to 2,000 words in length. Dispatches articles (100 to 800 words) cover timely news, events, issues, and short profiles. Destinations pieces (300 to 1,000 words) include places, news, and advice for adventurous travelers. Review articles (200 to 1,500 words) examine and evaluate outdoor gear and equipment.

Print Guidelines
Please send queries (not manuscripts) and two or three relevant images.  Due to the amount of ideas we receive, we do not have time to respond to each and every query. If interested in your story, we will respond within one to eight weeks.

Photographers’ Guidelines
Features represent the best of outdoor writing and photography. Exposure is a gallery-style section devoted to showcasing exceptionally engaging photography and its creators.

Submission Guidelines


Submissions must be a text or Word document and include at least one high-resolution photo. Photos must be submitted separately and be a minimum of 1024 pixels wide in jpg format. Do not embed photos into the article, they will not be accepted. Articles without a photo will not be published. Photos must include photo credits.


Product reviews should be a minimum of 300 words.  Articles should be a minimum of 800 words.  For lengthy articles (1,500+ words), ask yourself if it could be split into two or more parts, or if there’s some content that can be trimmed before submitting. Not everyone has time to read lengthy articles and we want everyone to love your article as much as you do.

  • Please proofread your article before submitting.
  • Each article should include a short biography of the author.
  • We reserve the right to edit all submissions before posting.



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Please include your additional detail in your Bio, include a photo of yourself either a head shot or an action shot.

  • Regular contributors are eligible for financial compensation.


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